I'm Deivid.
Let's create!


I work as a visual and interaction designer for digital products. I get to turn ideas into digital components that can be tested and iterated upon to meet user needs. I push pixels, but also join research and get talking with people to understand their needs and context.

I have been lucky enough to work with great people in challenging places such as Cabify, Astara, or Designit.

Currently open for hand-picked freelance projects.



When I’m not designing, you’ll most likely find me doodling and drawing. Illustration is my favorite mean of expression, wether it is traditional or digital media. The communication skills embedded in the process are quite useful when creating icons, product illustrations, character design or simple experimenting.

Be sure to check out my daily work posted to Instagram, or the free-to-download icons at TheNounProject.

Ig Be Np


Experiment to learn. Unlearn to experiment. That has been a personal reminder in my artistic process for quite some time. Trying out new techniques to create visuals, or simply leaving my comfort zone to explore a new discipline is always enriching.

Bridging film, storytelling and design is my latest adventure. If this interests you, consider grabbing coffee and having a long chat with me!