Experimental publication

A magazine, a book and a set of posters that revolve around the Xerography and the design process as a theme.

Within my last year of design school, I was very much inclined to analogue works and the challenge of being away from screen-based tools. A designer should be able to do his job regardless of the tools. In other words, controlling Photoshop does not make you a designer.

The objective was to create a small magazine entirely outside a computer. From investigation of the content, to the structure of the magazine, everything was made in paper with the help of a Xerox photo-copy machine.

A xerography refers to the process of creating an image through dry photocopying. Bruno Munari experimented with its creative potential, and documented it in his Xerografie Originali.


This book is a basically a collection of all the mistakes, discarded material and pecularities that ocurred during the process of creating the Xerography magazine.

It is called Process! because its sole intention is to give value to what happened before the final result. A homage to error, chance, and experimentation.


"Experiment to learn.
Unlearn to experiment"
I decided to create a series of three posters around this concept, and create them without previous planning, within a time limit, and using only a cutter, paper, markers, Letraset, and of course, a Xerox copy machine. The next video shows a time-lapse of the improvisation.

All three posters show the same message, and contain a different distortion of the same images.