Compete against your roomates.
Conquer your household.

You don't want to deal with bad roomates. You want to have fun with them! You can finally point out all those little things that bother you so much. And they will be able to do so as well! Because your are not the perfect roomie either. Or are you? Play, challenge your roomates and find out who is the Roomie King!

This project aims at improving hygiene habits of roomates you might share a house with. The to achieve this is through a task organizer app covered with a thick gamification coat. Most of the game happens within screens, having a focus on easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, easy-to-enjoy.

Each player gets points for every chore done right, while showing evidence of the task being complete. If a chore is not done in time, a life is lost. Parallel to this award and punishment system, each player holds a reputation in the form of badges. These can be both good or bad, and reflect the person's habits within the game.

One challenge for these project was enabling users to have fun without out-smarting the game. That's how evidence was introduced. Each player must send a snapchat-like video showing that the task was indeed completed. These must be validated by other players.

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