2010-2014 Promotion

This passport-like booklet was created by (and for) our promotion right in time for graduation from design school. The booklet shows each person from the Visual Design School at IED Madrid. All the illustrations were creation of the awesome spanish illustrator Puño.

The main concept behind this project was: "the next phase". Being in our fourth and last year of design school, we decided to create a piece that represented going from university into professional life. We chose a passport format, because this was a checkpoint-like time in life. We wanted to collect each one of us to have a vivid (and subjective) memory in the future.

We asked spanish illustrator Puño to draw portraits of thirteen people. The only rule was that the only reference or description he would have available was a list of adjectives. Such list was created by asking all classmates to pick three characteristics of each one of the rest of the class.

In addition to the illustrations, we made photos of each one of us. The idea was to show to different points of view in each double page: one as objective as a photograph, the other as subjective as the list of adjectives.

This project wouldn't have been possible without the guidance of Rocío Ballesteros and the collaboration of Puño.
We are truly thankful.