LINE sticker set

Character design for a set of 16 stickers for LINE app in Spain.

This color-shifting punkie character became the protagonist of the set of stickers for LINE app in Spain. He represents the streets of Madrid, with no hesitation when it comes down to shouting what comes to mind and always a touch of revolution.

More than just a drawing of a character, this project had the challenge of expressing common concepts in the Spanish local slang. Each sticker attempted to express a feeling or situation that words cannot fully explain due to a lack of tone.

Some situations and expressions related only to a specific segment of people, and that's great! These stickers were not intended to be universally used by everyone, but by the type of people that can relate to the personality of the character.

El Macarraka is a very emotional character, to the point where it changes color to express itself. He might always seem angry, but he is a good guy inside. It is just revolution in his blood.

The most gratifying part of this project was knowing that LINE users could eventually end up using these drawings and this character to have conversations. Communication nowadays is in constant change, and words don't seem fit in some context, like messaging apps. After all, we communicated ourselves through cave drawings before words made an appearence!