Experimental artprints

A distorted utopia, an imaginative landscape created by an analogue process. Suggested narratives, scenarios and characters. Three of these prints are available online at Atelier des Jeunes.

A series that appears to be old photography, suggesting mountains and landscapes, bodies in a scenario, aurora borealis, and other abstract imagery. The viewer is suggested different ideas, before knowing the creation process, which would reveal a different, aesthetic, and more-shallow depth.

The main objective was to create imagery that would suggest abstract and subjective narratives. The black and white finishes ressembled old photography. This treatment gave each piece a timeless feel, and added to the idea of distopia.

The creative process creates the narrative of each piece in an unpredictable, but somewhat controlled,way. Each one is created through a process of Xerographic distortion. Using a photocopying machine, I created each distortion with my own hands by moving them atop the crystal while the copy was being made. This resulted in original xerographies that attempt to distract the viewer from the process by suggestive shapes.