App Prototype

"I live far away from the sea."
It is with that statement that this project began.
There are many times in life when you cherish somewhere, like the sea, or a special someone who has a different ZIP code. May be you feel far from home, or you can't wait for certain time of the year to arrive. It is in those moments that a compass would come in handy.

This is a sea compass, and it points at the closest sea, and tells you the distance in between. What if you want to know how far, or how close, is your couple? Or maybe you want to know how close are you to home. In what direction?

Every now and then, surprising units of measurement appear, such as Elephants or Mississippis. This will give you a humorous insight on how far or how close you are to what you cherish. The compass might not change the fact that you are far away, but it might shorten the distance with a smile and a change in perspective.

You can create three types of compasses: one pointing to a person, another pointing to a place, and a third one counting time backwards until a specific date.

Each compass is personalized by you, and it will show the live direction to what you define your sea as, as well as telling you the desitance to get there. The distance can be displayed in different units of measurement, which change randomly whenever you shake your mobile device.